Footvia Goalkeepers Academy has designed a course for young, up and coming goalkeepers seeking to improve their sporting skills and abilities.

We are a team of fully qualified coaches and specialists who will encourage,support and guide the players throughout the coaching programme.

Our main objective is to offer young goalkeepers (national or international) between the ages of 16 and 20 the opportunity of furthering their studies in Barcelona and offering them a perfect springboard that will launch them on the road to a future in professional football.

Nuestros objetivos

  1. Rendimiento deportivo

    Ofrecer a nuestros jugadores una formación deportiva de alto nivel.

  2. Educación e idioma

    Plan de estudios de alto nivel en castellano o inglés.

  3. Desarrollo personal

    Ofrecerles una experiencia única y ayudarles a desarrollar su confianza, su madurez y autoestima.